March 2016 Newsletter Your Gifts Build Strength and Gentleness- the school, pg. 1

March 2016 Newsletter Your Gifts Build Strength and Gentleness Strength – the school, pg. 1 * Gentleness – the children, pgs. 4-5   “There is no strength like gentleness, and no gentleness like real strength.” – Saint Francis de Sales The students and teachers cannot get to the schools safely through gang territories, so schools […]

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March 2016 Newsletter COAR Co-founder, RIP: Sister Audrey Walsh, CCVI, 1921-2015

COAR Co-founder, RIP: Sister Audrey Walsh, CCVI, 1921-2015 Those of you new to COAR might not know that our history goes back to 1980.  That is the year when Bl. Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, was murdered. That summer, as the refugee camps filled, a priest, Fr. Ken Myers, a member of the Cleveland Latin American Mission (CLAM) Team, brought a few children […]

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March 2016 Newsletter Executive Director

From the Peace Mission’s Executive Director By Mary K. Stevenson Many of COAR’s supporters are not Catholic. But they appreciate the spirit and integrity with which we approach our Catholic mission. Being Catholic also gives us centuries of experience and wisdom to draw upon. St. Francis de Sales was bishop of Geneva from 1602-1622, while […]

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