September 2015 Newsletter page 6

From the Peace Mission’s Executive Director By Mary K. Stevenson So, “The Expert” Seems To Be Saying Our Budget Needs to Increase by $50,000.00 As I read head-line after head-line about El Salvador these past few months, I was overwhelmed by how well COAR is doing. It is an excellent and safe child care facility […]

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Salvadoran Independence Day at COAR – Sept. 15th: Celebration & Education

How about taking a quick pop quiz:  Do you know your world history? July 4th, 1776:  Declaration of US Independence signed, officially declaring the independence of the US colonies. July 14th, 1789:  French National Day (Bastille Day) commemorating the steps leading to the French Republic. September 15th, 1821:  Latin American Independence gained after an 11 […]

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Feliz Cumpleanos! Happy Birthday!

Feliz cumpleanos a ti- En tu dia feliz- Feliz cumpleanos, mi carino- Feliz cumpleanos a ti- No matter what the words are, the sentiment is still the same:  love and celebration.  During the war years, children at COAR often came with no documentation. They may literally have wandered, alone, up to our doors – or, […]

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Celebrating COAR’s 35th Anniversary

35 years ago, COAR was born out of necessity and a dream.  The Cleveland Mission Team was hard at work in El Salvador – serving the poor, the children, the refugees only months after Archbishop Romero was slain in the chapel at Divina Providencia.  Looking back, few realized what an impact COAR would have in […]

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Romero’s Message Needed to Solve Gang Violence in El Salvador

In May of 2015, there were more than 600 murders in El Salvador – a country with a population of approximately 6 million.  The Salvadoran Civil War ended almost 20 years ago, but, the wonderful people of El Salvador have not seen the ‘peace’ promised by the Peace Accords! To be honest, the old left-right […]

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