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Donors & DonationsVisitors & Volunteers

Salvadoran Businesses Donate Supplies & Encourage Employees to Volunteer @ COAR

   For most US-based international charities, it is always our hope that faith and trust in the project can lead to the genesis of local-born …

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Info on El Salvador

25 Years After the Peace Accords: Catholic Church Still Planting Seeds of Hope

The banners on several online Salvadoran newspapers have recently proclaimed that it is the “25th Anniversary of the Peace Accords”.  In an act of national …

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COAR's School

Raising them through to graduation

  Mercy, raised at COAR since 2005, earned a college scholarship to the Jesuit University of Central America. Gamaliel, raised at COAR since 2006, earned …

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COAR's School

Teaching English-This is pretty funny

  The lessons were carefully constructed with verbs and useful vocabulary for the scenario: “What do you say when you enter a clothing store?” And …

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