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Notes From Quarantine

  As we’ve been preparing the Spring Sponsorship mailing to go out, (Don’t worry, sponsors, you’ll get to read your whole letter for yourself soon!) a common thread runs through the residents’ letters. Staying. At. Home. We’re all living through the same storm these days, so let’s take a look at what the COAR residents are […]

March 2020 – Executive Director’s Reflections & News from El Salvador

Catholics will be familiar with the term, “Ordinary Time”. It refers to times within the Church’s annual liturgical cycle when there is no focus on a particular feast (such as Christmas). Rather, it is a celebration of our life with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and each other in the Church, in its fullness. This has not been ordinary time.


At COAR: Wash your hands! Well, social distancing was a challenge for kindergarteners. El Salvador Given the current global situation surrounding the novel coronavirus, we felt it was important to post a short update on what is happening in El Salvador and specifically at COAR. As of April 16th there were 164 diagnosed cases with […]

June 2019 – Serving the Whole Child

COAR (through your gifts) Serves the Whole Child, Into Adulthood, Through Partnerships in El Salvador that Strengthen the Entire Society Beginning last year COAR entered into partnership with a Salvadoran charity called Across Mission. It is an evangelical organization that supports three projects in El Salvador. Because of their work with COAR’s director, Marta Calderon, […]

December 2018 – An Orphanage That Doesn’t Seem Like An Orphanage

This article was excerpted from NPR’s Goats and Soda ~ it shows that COAR has the ideal structure, and culture, for this kind of foster-care facility [excerpt:] Orphanages are falling out of favor. . . The big question is: Would he fare any better if he were living with his biological parents? Duke University professor […]

These Kids Have Talent!

In December of 2016, COAR decided to promote a new workshop at the Children’s Village:  a drawing and painting workshop.  Anyone who travels to El Salvador knows that the country is replete with talented artists.  If there is a gene for artistic creativity, Salvadorans have been blessed with it in excess.  The kids enjoyed the […]

Religious Retreats at COAR: Love of God, Dialog and Reflection

Besides weekly masses, religion classes, catechism classes, 1st Communion, Confirmation, and baptisms, COAR is working in partnership with the Sisters of Our Lady of the Pillar of Zaragoza to offer our teens religious retreats where they can be open, honest and reflective about God, spirituality, moral decision making and their own self reflection, fears, and […]

Leading the Way in El Salvador: Foster Care Must Adapt to Realities on the Ground

COAR and our generous donors have always responded to the needs of the poor, neglected and at-risk children of El Salvador.  In the 1980s, COAR grew organically out of the reality.  With the Salvadoran civil war raging in the countryside, war orphans were appearing daily at the Church in Zaragoza on the outskirts of San […]