Violence & Daily Struggles in El Salvador

The Next Generation: Facing Reality with a SMILE

Did you know that 53% of all Salvadorans are under the age of 25. One half of the population is college aged or younger. That is a huge population beginning to enter the work force but with little life experience to guide them and a society in which “home” may be a cinder block house […]

March 2016 Newsletter Your Gifts Build Strength and Gentleness- the school, pg. 1

March 2016 Newsletter Your Gifts Build Strength and Gentleness Strength – the school, pg. 1 Gentleness – the children, pgs. 4-5 Rosita Graduates from Kindergarten “There is no strength like gentleness, and no gentleness like real strength.” -St. Francis de Sales The 2015 (November) graduation class of COAR High School The students and teachers cannot […]

Romero’s Message Needed to Solve Gang Violence in El Salvador

In May of 2015, there were more than 600 murders in El Salvador – a country with a population of approximately 6 million.  The Salvadoran Civil War ended almost 20 years ago, but, the wonderful people of El Salvador have not seen the ‘peace’ promised by the Peace Accords! To be honest, the old left-right […]

Surrounded by Gang Violence: Can Hope & Peace Be Nurtured?

March 26th, 2015, 1am:  violence and bloodshed shatter the Salavadoran night in our neighboring town of San Jose Villanueva.  This quiet, unimposing, hillside community just a few minutes from the Pacific coast to the south and COAR to the west, erupted in bloody violence as the Salvadoran National Civil Police entered the town that it […]

Preventing the BORDER CRISIS by Building School & Team Spirit in Zaragoza

As nearly all Americans are now aware, there has been a large influx of undocumented children coming to the United States alone or unattended by their parents.  While this issue raises many political questions at home in the US, it also creates an opportunity to discuss preventative actions that can be taken in Central America […]

Border Crisis: COAR helps Children Within El Salvador to build a stronger El Salvador

COAR helps Children within El Salvador to build a stronger El Salvador and a better future for all Salvadorans. As the crisis on the US/Mexican border continues to heat up, one thing is clear. COAR is working today within El Salvador to feed, to protect and to educate Salvadoran children. While violence, extreme poverty and lack of […]