Sept. News – Teaching English, Soccer, the Party! – Solidarity 2 of 3

During a week-long visit in June (the first visitors we’ve had since 2019) the men of St. Edward High School, Lakewood, OH, spent quality time with the students of the COAR high school (teaching English, our standard, and most valuable service!) and quality time with some of our residents. This included a nice sit-down dinner where both groups cooked the meal. Anderson’s cooking took center stage, as our premier resident chef, after successfully completing a highly competitive internship, giving him an advantage in the job market after graduation, next year.

Also part of the visit – and solidarity – were a soccer game, a rockin’ despedida (good-bye party), and time spent experiencing daily life together on the COAR campus – oh – and they helped plant to corn crop (being harvested right now, click here if you missed is, story “Solidarity 1 of 3”).