Atlee Horner

Best Evidence That COAR Is Respected: Growing Salvadoran Collaboration

Given the long history of distrust & struggle in El Salvador, the historic lack of transparency, the limited income tax system and frankly the war – El Salvador does not have a very rich tradition of domestic charitable cash giving.  The country simply never developed a habit of major and widespread (cash) philanthropy.  People simply […]

Car Bomb Explodes on Highway to the Port of La Libertad

On Sunday, February 11th, 2018, possible gang violence rang out on the Highway to the Port of La Libertad a little over 1/2 mile from COAR.   Two policemen from Santa Tecla had come across an abandoned vehicle on the highway and opened the doors to investigate.  As soon as they opened the door, the car […]

The Loss of a Cherished Friend: Saul Soriano, OFM Cap.

Capuchin friar Saul Soriano’s sudden accidental death leaves us heartbroken: the COAR children, the staff in the US and El Salvador, the volunteers, and our countless visitors. Saul was funny, kind, cheerful, and smart. His easy demeanor hid depths of strength and moral clarity. COAR is a better child-care facility, a home, because of him.  […]

COAR’s Chapel-on-the-Hill in need of Emergency T.L.C

This beautiful chapel, the spiritual center of the COAR community, is in need of a bit of T.L.C. (Tender-Loving-Care).  The powerful summer storms and constant tremors that plague El Salvador do not take a detour around COAR’s school, foster care facility, clinic and chapel.  But, the chapel, sitting high upon the hill for all to […]

Salvadoran TV Stars Visit COAR

“This was the greatest day of my life” – remarked Raul! Like so many in the USA, Salvadorans enjoy a bit of Reality TV.  As a huge thrill to the kids, a Salvadoran run reality show much like Ninja Warrior, visited COAR to inspire the kids and encourage them to never give up.  The show […]

These Kids Have Talent!

In December of 2016, COAR decided to promote a new workshop at the Children’s Village:  a drawing and painting workshop.  Anyone who travels to El Salvador knows that the country is replete with talented artists.  If there is a gene for artistic creativity, Salvadorans have been blessed with it in excess.  The kids enjoyed the […]

Sponsors Visit COAR & Teach English in the High School

A group of wonderful parishioners from St. Rita Parish, Ohio, traveled to El Salvador to visit their projects in the mountaintop town of Teotepeque and spent one morning teaching English at the COAR high school and visiting with the COAR children.  The day began by teaching four sections of high school English.  But, this was […]

Mother’s Day at COAR Children’s Village

Our director has created a wonderful new tradition at COAR to help build a true sense of family and love among our housemothers and the children that they supervise, mentor, protect and love 24 hours a day! Each Mothers’ Day, the Administration buys small gifts that the housemother will need as part of her life […]

Gangs Threaten All Civil Society: Worst violence since the WAR

“The violence is terrible.  Gangs occupy every inch of this country.  If you are young and you enter a neighborhood where you don’t live, they will shoot you dead on the spot.  It has not been this bad since the war!  No one is safe” remarked Rebeca (name changed for her protection).   During our last […]