COAR’s School

Summer Fun 2022

Padre Vladimir with grade school representatives

The COAR teens recite prayers and wishes for the World Day of Peace. Archbishop Escobar watches (under that big yellow arrow). Monica is baptized, surrounded by her COAR family Cleaning: Monica returns to daily (gloriously ordinary, lifegiving, and safe) life St. Romero’s Birthday celebrated at the school – Aug. 15th

St. Romero Day, March 24th

Celebrated at COAR’s Prayer Service and at the COAR Children’s Village Fr. Dragga (left), pastor at Church of the Resurrection, Solon, OH, presides over our prayer service while our pastor, Fr. Vladimir Rosales (right), presides over the mass in Zaragoza, El Salvador. Fr. Steve Vellenga, Director of the Cleveland Latin American Mission Team, who served […]

June 2019 – Serving the Whole Child

COAR (through your gifts) Serves the Whole Child, Into Adulthood, Through Partnerships in El Salvador that Strengthen the Entire Society Beginning last year COAR entered into partnership with a Salvadoran charity called Across Mission. It is an evangelical organization that supports three projects in El Salvador. Because of their work with COAR’s director, Marta Calderon, […]

December 2018 – Your Gifts Break the Cycle of Poverty with Jobs

Three of our grads (graduation in El Salvador is in November): Ana Ruth, Claudia, and Heycel have been offered full time jobs after graduation.     COAR has been seeking to break the cycle of poverty. Thanks to your gifts, and some very hard work by the Children’s Village staff over the past few years, a […]

December 2018 – Celebrating St. Romero’s Canonization at COAR

Ignacio won the school-wide St. Romero Poem Contest:   The Salvadoran Traveler By Ignacio Cruz From one corner to another, then to all parts, an announcement to the world was proclaimed; the clamor of thousands of mouths and bells rang out from my tiny, scandalized country. So small is my land but yet so invincible, […]

Sponsors Visit COAR & Teach English in the High School

A group of wonderful parishioners from St. Rita Parish, Ohio, traveled to El Salvador to visit their projects in the mountaintop town of Teotepeque and spent one morning teaching English at the COAR high school and visiting with the COAR children.  The day began by teaching four sections of high school English.  But, this was […]

1st time ever: COAR WINNER: Scholarship to the Jesuit University (UCA)

COAR had a simple beginning.  War was raging in the countryside and displaced families, women and children were fleeing to the outskirts of San Salvador for safety.  A Cleveland priest working in the parish of Zaragoza in El Salvador noticed the growth in child war refugees and decided to do something about it.  Through the […]

Raising them through to graduation

  Mercy, raised at COAR since 2005, earned a college scholarship to the Jesuit University of Central America. Gamaliel, raised at COAR since 2006, earned a scholarship to a technical college. Rosario was raised at another orphanage. When it closed in 2011 she came to COAR. She has a nursing internship at the hospice that […]